Voyager Mobile Fiber Dispenser

The FORTA® Voyager bulk fiber dispenser is unmatched in both performance and accuracy with its proprietary loss-in-weight system. The Voyager is available in two sizes and dispenses most types of fiber for virtually any application. The Voyager additionally comes in either Batch or Continuous.

FORTA Voyager Advantages:

• EXCEPTIONAL ACCURACY: Reduce the opportunity for mistakes! Waste less fiber with the Voyager fiber dispenser.

• EASY TO USE: Simply add the fiber to the unit and step away.

• IMPROVES INVENTORY TRACKING: Easy-to-read displays allow for simple fiber tracking that updates in real time.

• DISPENSES MOST TYPES OF FIBER: The Voyager fiber dispenser is compatible with a variety of fibers.

• WIDE RANGE OF BATCH SIZES: Fibers can be added in various batches – making the Voyager fiber dispenser the perfect tool for most applications. (Batch Only)

• IMPROVES EMPLOYEE SAFETY: No need for workers to climb up stairs to introduce fiber into the mix.

• REDUCES LABOR COSTS: Fewer workers needed for a job.

For use with Asphalt and Concrete fibers provided by FORTA!!