Circles Of Strength

The FORTA logo was originally designed to represent a cross section of the company’s reinforcement fibers. Today, it also serves as a “Circle of Strength” – with each of its individual components symbolically representing the company’s many distinctive products and services as well as its unconditional commitment to the customers, business partners and industries it serves.

At its core is leadership, which has remained strong, constant and forward facing for four decades.

Complementing this enduring foundation are the people of the FORTA Corporation whose professionalism, expertise and dedication have formed strong bonds of partnership with its many clients and supply chain partners.

Sustaining these relationships is the result of outstanding support and responsive service in addressing an ever-expanding universe of needs and challenges.

Attaining and maintaining the Company’s growth and prosperity has been enabled by an ongoing commitment to innovation, which has resulted in products of the highest quality, value and performance characteristics.